Thursday, 14 November 2013


For people who liked my ombre purple hair that was previously dyed, finally I have time to share with you guys where I have done it.

-tons of selfies ahead-

Heritage Hair
Credit: Street Directory
Located along East Coast Road and I got slightly lost in the process because I wasn't familiar with the East side. Look out for the signage around the area which will direct you to TIDES where Heritage Hair is located at. They are a Redken & L'Oréal authorised salon offering complete range of hair services, treatments, styling and home care products for customers to choose from.

I was greeted by three stylists, including their boss upon entering. It was cosy and I left my stylist, Kenn to decide on what he wanted to do with my hair. He suggested ombre purple since my nails etc are all purple (seems legit)

Look at my horrible terrible vegetable hair before dye-ing ): 
 My previous hair colour has faded into blonde and was looking horrible.
Time to see some miracle working on my hair ~

Miracles in the Progress

Did you notice there is actually different gradient of purple involved?

Thanks to the 幕后黑手 aka the man behind the scene, my stylist -  Kenn.

 I find him gentle and patient in 'preparing' my hair just by seeing the way he works. He comb my hair with little strength even when it's tangled and he combed them nice and gently. It's a good experience with Kenn & Heritage Hair Salon especially after getting the hair in my favorite color.
I am more grateful than anything for getting my hair set and ready just before my cousin's wedding which is the next day.

Sharing some selfies photos taken during the wedding day.

 At first I thought I was getting the same old purple color again because I previously dyed purple until I realized it was actually in gradients, so with each flicks of hair you can see shimmering purple of different shades.

It's been close to two months after my hair was done and it faded to a pink shade but still looking beautiful. The previous hair colours I used always fade to blonde. I totally love my hair colour all thanks to Heritage Hair~

Tides, 217 East Coast Road #02-03
Singapore 428915
Tel: 6345 9902

Friday, 8 November 2013


In Japanese, Fuku means Happiness while ya refers to House, and when directly translated Fukuya simply means Happiness House. This happiness house silently reside in Jurong Country Club. I would never had expected good food to  be inside a Country Club since I stereotyped it as where the rich golfers will go until I personally tried the food there myself. It's like a hidden gems waiting to be discovered by food lovers.

Fukuya offers a wide variety of options for those craving authentic Japanese cuisine in utterly perfect presentation. The dishes served are photo-worthy as it's often decorated with flowers or edible garnishes on exquisite dining wares. Jap-food lover you just had to add this one in your 'to-eat-list'. 

It's best to start off with Zensai, another term for Appetizer
Seafood Mayo on Fresh Salad - $10.80
Mixture of two types of seaweed, the green and brown one which I hardly see it in the market (probably just me), topped with my favourite seafood mayo~ The seaweed is really salty but crunchy if you tried eating it separately. However, once combined with the seafood mayo, you won't really feel that it's overpowering, instead it brings out an unique taste to the dish.

Dobin Mushi - $10.80 
Teapot Soup
I had never tried something like this before, and it's quite a cool concept of having your soup served. It's sweet and refreshing. Ingredients looks simple, mainly consisted of mushrooms and oysters, but brought out the best of out it. Two ways to savour this, by adding the lime or skipping it. I tried both methods and preferred having my soup without lime.

Sashimi - $68.80
Fukuya Tokusen Platter (7 kinds)
Toro, Uni, Botan Ebi, Salmon Belly, Katsuo Tataki, Shima Aji and Tai
Not a fan of raw food, and my favourite food in a sushi bar is all the cooked food like crab-sticks, unagi and stuffs, but decided to give it a chance and I'm glad I did. All their sashimi are super fresh as it's all imported from Japan. It brings out the true definition of 'fresh saltwater' because you literally can taste it. It's worth every cent in your pocket, and everyone is all like I am going to come back to get this after they get their bonus.

Yakimono - $20.80
Gintara Mentaiyaki (All time favourite)
It's the store's all time favourite, and no doubt mine as well. Grilled fish with mentaiyaki on banana leaf. Their mentaiyaki is thick and creamy and the banana leaf underneath gave it a little burnt feeling which enhance the taste and smell even better like how food being cooked under charcoal flames.
Absolutely a must-try vote from me.

Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori (5 kinds) - $28.80
Salmon, Anugu, Akami, Buri Belly, Unkun Uni & Ikura Topping
Everyone there was trying to convince me it wasn't spicy and stuffs, and I did finish all the sushi that are sadly all coated with wasabi except the unkun uni(sea urchin) one, by gulping water. I have to say that they are using authentic wasabi as it's not spicy and does not sting the eyes, it's just that the smell of wasabi that I disliked about. Nevertheless, the dish is much raved about and each sushi has its individual sauce and there is no need for soy sauce. I guess it's bad luck I couldn't enjoy this pretty much.

Menrui - $26.80
Fukuya Seafood Ramen (Small)
This bowl of awesomeness is called small, and I think it takes two to finished it. Now I cannot imagine how many could their 'big' portion feeds. Do not be fooled by the colour of the ramen, it's not spicy at all, and surprisingly it's sweet. Vegetables, seafood are all tossed inside to create this sweet yet rich flavouring pumpkin-taste-alike soup. As you can see, the ingredients  are super fresh and generously spread around the chewy noodles.

Kyoho Ice Cream with Kuri Kanronni - $8.80
Japanese Grape Flavour with Boiled Chestnuts
As usual, something I have been waiting for since the start because I am a sucker for desserts and I love KYOHO GRAPES. The sweetness is just right for me and it is as smooth as Gelato, while the chestnut adds texture to the smooth ice-cream. It's a unique combination as I have never expected chestnuts to go well with grapes but it did.

Look at how happy everyone is after the dining experience at Fukuya. For me, food is not necessary the most important key attributes to define a good restaurant, instead the service is. Their Chef Ah Beng is really humorous and friendly around us, get to know him well and he will provide you with special dishes that are not listed in the menu. Chef Ah Beng enjoys having close relationships with his customers.

 I had a great yet different kind of experience there, and I believe you guys should try it too. It's always more difficult to find places with good food and good services. If you happened to be hanging around Singapore Science Centre or Jurong Country Club drop by and enjoy a feast of authentic Jap food.

Location : Jurong Country Club, 9 Science Centre Road, Jurong East, 509078
Phone : 6897 1990
Mon to Sun: 1200 - 1500 (last order by 1430)
Mon to Sun: 1800 - 2200 (last order by 2130)