Sunday, 25 November 2012

[REVIEW] NOOK - D.I.Y House of Pancakes

 NOOK is Singapore's very first D.I.Y concept for pancakes! Having their own tagline of:
"Be a Pancake stylist at Nook.
Create your own Pancake art."
They are able to capture customers with their innovative and yet interactive concept of designing their own pancakes. Instead of having the old school kind of round pancake, you're free to design any picture, shapes you like! Everyone can design and create their pancakes with the myriad of toppings and sides available, with only the freshest ingredients.

I went to NOOK along with Cherie & my niece because I've managed to grab their student offer on Facebook. The offer I gotten entitles me & my friends for Eat-All-You-Can NOOK Pancakes Buffet with unlimited topping with just $10!
It's seriously an awesome deal, because normally pancakes and two toppings would cost around $25 for two person, and now we can get unlimited topping with just $10.
The place is considered somewhere I would hang around, but I still took me sometime to find it because it's located quite inside of the alley. & we're like the only customers for the day at 3pm, maybe because it's weekday. After settling down and ordered drinks it's time to CHIONG AHZXZXZXZXZXZ!

It's all our first time experiencing D.I.Y Pancakes, and we're super duper excited, not knowing how to do what to do. I've seen many nice designs created by other customers but somehow rather my creative brain juice seems to die out when we stepped in.
Look at some of the awesome designs done by others!
And then you look at us, my 'best' masterpiece. Look at the amount that was ruined, had some difficulties stuffing everything down. & also our 9-layered pancakes with toppings! (:
I was thinking how the hell people do until so nice while mine is like crap ._.WHY?!
I think we've bad control over the fire, sometimes too big sometimes too small, cannot just nice one!
 I forgot to mention they actually have different flavours batter and that explains the colorful pancakes we are having.
In fact it's not just all, they have even more stuffs in their menu where you can take a look and try it out, including their toast and omelette

Original Buttermilk (Natural)
Asian Pandan (Green)
Dark Chocolate (Dark Brown)
Funky Banana (Yellow)
Strawberry Farm (Pink)

Apple Sliders • Banana Slices • Blueberries • Caramelized Apples • Cheddar Cheese Chocolate Chips Cream Cheese Granola • Chocolate Sauce • M&M’s
Mini Marshmallows • Oreo Chunks • Peach Slices • Peanut Butter Pecans
Rainbow Sprinkles • Snicker’s Pieces • Strawberries • Strawberry Compote • Walnuts  Ice Cream

Bacon Slices • Caramelized Onions • Country Potatoes • Eggs (Scrambled/Sunny sideup) Gourmet Sausage• Grilled Tomatoes • Hash Brown Honey Baked Ham • Mash Potato Red Beans • Sauteed Mushrooms • Smoked Salmon • Spinach

Even though it's just 3 hours, but we have plenty fun right here! To be honest, I think designing is quite fun but the end of the day we wasted quite alot of batter because we play so much but we eat so little. Look at us cam-whoring (This is less than half amount of photo we took, some were too unglam that Cherie refuse to upload ):) & our wastage of food.
Ending the post with the happiest girl of the day - Cherie <3 & US!

Nook - D.I.Y House of Pancake
Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat #01-03 Singapore 598123
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 12pm - 10pm
Saturday, 10am - 10pm
Sunday, 10am - 7pm

Nearest MRTs: Clementi or Bukit Batok
Take 52, 184 or 173 from Clementi MRT .
Take 61, 66, 77, 157, 174 from Bukit Batok MRT
Visit NOOK or their Facebook for more info or updates! (:

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

[Review] Food Tasting - Domino's 4 New Sambal Pizzas

Domino, being inspired by Asian Favorite condiment(Salaam), has unveiled four new pizzas in stores on October 29.
Personally I am someone who doesn't like spicy stuffs, except for sambal. I don't eat chilli sauce at all but I can't resist Sambal Stingray nor Sotong etc.
They let us tried the sauce but it tasted more like Korean rice-cake's sauce and I would rate the spiciness around 4/10
However when it's mixed inside the pizza, the spiciness got covered by cheese and reduced to around 3/10.
Among the four pizza my favourite would be the Tropical Sambal Prawn and Sambal Surf & Turn maybe because it has prawn in it! I'm a big fan of prawn!

And Domino has four amazing crust available to choose upon ordering pizzas.
1. Classic Hand Tossed
2. Crunchy Thin Crust
3. New York Crust
4. Cheese Burst
& My Favorite is....... THIN CRUST! <3 It's really nice and I believe there are many people who would remove the crust area because it's thick and doesn't taste nice but with the thin crust, you can definitely finish the whole pizza slice without removing the crust~

Picture during the Food-Tasting Events

Tropical Sambal Prawn:
Topped with succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, fresh onions, pineapples, red peppers and basil
Traditional Sambal:
Comes along with shredded chicken, anchovies, fresh onion, pickled chilli and green peppers
Sambal Veggie:
Topped with fresh mushrooms, green peppers, onions, olives and tomatoes
Sambal Surf & Turf:
Features succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, shredded chicken, fresh onions, pineapples, red peppers and basil

Beside their pizza, Domino has awesome sides that I totally love.
Crazy Chicken Crunchies(Original Flavor), Golden Roasted Drummet, and Chocolate Lava Cake!

Mingling in Progress
Took a picture with Mr. Keith, Operating Manager. & Okay, maybe not that much of mingling around, but say HI TO MY FUN-SIZED FRIEND - KaMan! Became friends during the trip to Genting and though we only met the second time, we talk and 'suan' each other as though we were friends for years! Cute and bubbly character and thankful that she's there with me getting lost in Kovan ~
Group Picture # 123456789 (:
 Pictures credited to KaMan

& Do You Know?
Domino has an app where you can simply purchase it with ease. Imagine when you're so hungry and you can actually purchase it while on the way home and be right home before the food arrive?! Or at chalet and too lazy to go out but everyone's hungry?!
Simply search for Domino SG and download it. It's easy! and they're giving out free lava cakes too!
P.S: Only applicable for IPHONE!
Originally I only know that they have a store at Bukit Timah and Kovan, the one I attend my food tasting event at but I simply have no idea they have so many branches island-wide.
DOMINO'S has a total of 14 outlets in Singapore.

So Why Choose Domino's?
1. 30 minute delivery guarantee; 15minute takeout guarantee
2. Product satisfaction guarantee
3. Free delivery
4. Nett pricing
I think it's real attractive they are priced nett and promise to deliver.

So Getting Hungry?
Simply call their Hotline at 6222 6333 for some piping hot pizza or
Visit them at their website - DOMINO'S to purchase online or
Purchase through IPhone apps.
Like their page to get updates on the latest promo and offers!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Antioxidant Fruit Salad

Antioxidant Fruit Salad  Making Session (:
I learn to make this during my Blackmores workshop last month, and finally decided to try it out.
It's easy, healthy & pretty to make and eat~
 INGREDIENTS NEEDED: (Serves 4-6 Pax) 
1 Full Mango/ 3 Slices of Mango (DICED)
1 Pack/Box of Blueberry
1 Pack of Strawberry (DICED)
1 Bag of  Red/White Grapes Appx. 300g (HALVED)
2 Teaspoon of Lemon Juice
3-4 Teaspoon of Honey
Step 1: Cut up the fruits to bite-size so it's easier to eat.
Step 2: Throw them all into mixing bowl
Step 3: Add in lemon juice & honey, stir it well but not too rough
Step 4: Chill it in the fridge for roughly an hour
Step 5: Serve it cold (:
Fruits that you can add as well would include:
Black Berry
You can actually mix and match the fruits, it's just that the four fruits listed happen to be my favourite fruits. Just add in fruits that you like, you can alter to your own taste.
Try it out and let me know how it goes (: