Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I posted this on Facebook on the day I did my hair and gotten quite a bit of responses asking where I did my hair at. It will all be reviewed here so read on (:

Headed over to Eden Salon at Cold Storage Jelita (Holland Road) with Jasmine, and I’m totally beaming with excitement right now that I've finally get a chance to dye my hair into something I like. I've always been dyeing brown colors for years, though there were many times where I have impulse to dye my hair into some exotic colors or do some dip-dye to it but I never did. 

I showed my stylist SHA, the kind of hair I wanted to attain. I have to say I was a little disappointed at start because they didn't have any exotic colors because this branch is more catered for Caucasians and has more of the warm colors instead. I have to admit I am a super annoying customer because I can never know what I want and I keep changing my mind. I am so glad SHA patiently attended to all my needs.

Credits to Jasmine
Let’s the change began (: Working hard towards my dream hair.
I did something like overlay for my hair, where the lower layer of my hair is dyed red and only the center of my back hair are bleached. It's more of a 'now you see it now you don't kind of hair'. It's great for working adults or people who don't wish to dye their hair fully red.
I was anticipating for the end results because the way they did my hair it doesn't feel like something awesome is going to pop right out of the aluminium foil, and I spend quite a while waiting for my hair to 'eat' the colors.
After 45 minutes

Finally it's done and  I had temporarily curls for my hair. It's the first time I had any curls on my hair except bed hairs
All ready to rock' n roll' now !

 Front View
 Back View
I had to say I totally love my hair now.
It gives my hair a fresh look with two-tone hair color, allowing me to do different style to my hair and looking different each time, except the bleached part is dried. My red hair still standing strong even after two weeks.
I would definitely go back to Eden Salon again.
Thanks Sha for giving me what I initially wanted (pink highlights) even though it's not in the 'menu' and Eden Salon for the chance!

Eden Salon
293 Holland Road, #02-14 Cold Storage Jelita, S(278628)
Email: | Tel: 6468 9889Opening Hours: 10AM - 8PM

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Home of Sticky Bones. Big, Juicy and Tender.
That's exactly what you can expect from Morganfield's and their signature sticky bones BBQ pork ribs.

It's my first time dining at Morganfield's at Star Vista, it's on the second floor, quite visible and difficult to be missed. Taking the escalator up, you probably will be able to see it directly (depending on which escalator you  are taking)
The ambience was great and from first look I know where's my next gathering will be at because according to their staffs, this place is meant for gatherings and you can easily see it by the outlook of their tables layout. They have more of four and eight seats tables and chairs and their platters set, which caters for groups to share. 

This visit is to try out their new dishes on the menu and I can't wait to share with you guys right now. But right now it is time to gear up (:
It is a super duber cute bib that they issued to us and I really wanted to bring it home but they didn't allow it 
I've gotten "Busy Eating. Do No Disturb"
Kaman " Pork. It's The Meat of Kings"
So to fit into this place, I decided to tell them a joke before I start eating

(Answer will be revealed at the end of the post)

Soup(s) of the Day 
Mushroom Soup $8.90
Homemade cream soup with generous mixed mushroom chunks.
Served with toasted baguette slices.
It's my favorite soup because I love mushroom soups you can taste the bits of mushroom here and there.

Lobster Bisque $9.90
Classic Lobster Bisque. Smooth, creamy and packed full of shellfish flavor. Served with toasted baguette slices
I would have loved this soup too if it wasn't so salty. You can actually taste the lobster(just like mushroom bits) it was really quite good to savor the chunks of lobster and the only things that need to improve would be their saltiness of the soup.

Summer Salad $15.90
Watermelon chunks, cucumbers, tomatoes, mixed lettuces, Kalamata olives, Manzanlilla olives, Feta cheese and sundried tomatoes. Served with Summer dressing
This dish tasted weird. Combination of watermelon and cheese felt kinda disgusting to me because it's sweet and salty ._.

 Pop Corn Pork $8.90
Pork cubes marinated with Morganfield's secret spice mix and deep fried till crisp. Served with homemade Garlic Aioli and BBQ Ranch sauce.
One of my favorite till now. It's gives me the misconception that I was having popcorn chicken till they pointed it out that it was pork that I was having. The sauce was great, especially BBQ ranch sauce, however Garlic tasted a little too much after a few dips.

Between the Breads
 Grilled Vegetable Sandwich $19.90
Grilled pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, Cheddar, Feta cheese sandwiched in between crispy grilled Panini bread
(I have no idea why I didn't take photo of this, probably because I was busy eating so I took this photo from Michelle's Blog)
Anyway, apart from all the grilled pepper and stuffs, I find it to be quite nice but it doesn't make sense to pay and not eat half of what's in it for me though.

From The Sea
Pan Fried Sea Bass $26.90
Pan fried sea bass fillet, topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with Pilaf Rice & Garden Veggies
(Again, I forgotten to take picture for this, so credits to Michelle)
The fish was a little overcooked so it's kind of tough to bite and chew. The rice was unique because it smells like Chicken Rice but in fact it is more of a herb rice.

Poultry Farm
Herb Roasted Chicken $21.90
Half chicken marinated with our special blend of herbs & yogurt before being roasted to juicy perfection. Served with Red Skin Mash Potatoes, Garden Veggies and Morganfield's House Gravy
I was surprised that their chicken was marinated using yogurt (!) and as expected it turned out really good. Chicken was very tender on the inside, and matched well with their Gravy. It's worth to try.

Sharing Platters 
(All Platters Comes with Free Chocolate Lava Cake)
Morganfield's Rib Sampl3R $116.90
Triple the flavor, Triple the fun
×         ×    Choice of any 3 half-slabs of Morganfield's signature Sticky Bones flavors
(Hickory BBQ, Tuscan Baked Spicy, Smoked Peppercorn or Garlic BBQ)
×           Grilled Sausages 
×           Garden Salad
×           Grilled Corns on Cob
×           Corn Bread
×           French Fries
This platter would be great if you liked to try out the different platters Morganfield's have. It's almost having a piece of heaven, and I love their corn bread, soft and tasty, shall try baking it soon too!
I like the Hickory BBQ one because the BBQ sauce made the whole rib tasted extra good.

The Carnivore $89.90
×         ×    Choice of any Full slabs Sticky Bones
(Hickory BBQ, Tuscan Baked Spicy, Smoked Peppercorn or Garlic BBQ)
×      Choice of any half Roast Chicken
(Herb Roasted, Tequila Spiked, Honey Stung or BBQ)
×           Grilled Sausages
×           Garden Salad
×           Grilled Corns on Cob
×           Corn Bread
×           French Fries
If you're sick of having just all ribs and since not everyone might appreciate ribs, so this would work out great, you get to have chicken instead of only ribs, it think it's all good.

Ocean Feast $113.90
×    Choice of any Full slabs Sticky Bones
(Hickory BBQ, Tuscan Baked Spicy, Smoked Peppercorn or Garlic BBQ)
×      Beer-battered Fish Fillets
×      Tequila grilled Prawns
×           Grilled Sausages
×           Garden Salad
×           Grilled Corns on Cob
×           Corn Bread
×           French Fries
Instead of chicken, it was replaced by fish and prawn, it would be great for fish and meat lover, also be more evenly spread out in terms of variety.

Stabbing into the ribs, bet they can't wait to have it too.

Drinks & Desserts
Strawberry Sunset (Pink)
Strawberry, Apple, Mango
Like it's name, ingredients, it is really very fruity, like sweet ice blended but thicker and sweeter.
Virgin Apple Mojito (Green)
Fresh apple, lime chunks, mint leaves, brown sugar topped with soda.
It's kind of a weird combination with brown sugar and I didn't like it because I don't like mint.

Chocolate Lava Cake $14.90
Moist, warm chocolate cake filled with rich molten chocolate. Served warm wit vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.
Comes free with every sharing platters ordered.
I love desserts, and this is so far the best lava cake I've eaten. But I would advise to share it because it's so thick and rich you probably get too sick to continue after several mouths of it. It's really super nice having it warm topped with cold ice cream, as though having the best of both worlds in your mouth, totally heavenly.
It's worth getting the calories from.
And it leaks, I love Lava Cakes that leaks chocolate after you stabbed into them.

In between the food tasting, they had this rib-eating contest which turns out super hilarious  Seeing them eat makes the ribs seems so tasty especially looking at Michelle & Tiffany.
The brave girls getting ready for some ribbing(ripping)
In the Process of Ribbing
Video of The Rib-Eating Contest
You will realized that Group 1 are laughing a lot, Group 2 KaMan is like digging gold (LOL) and Group 3, Epic hahaha they totally gobbled down all the ribs (Y)
 Congrats to Michelle & Tiffany Wong's Team for winning
Them & Well deserved rewards (:

In conclusion,  I find that the portions are great and very generous for each platter, which is totally worth the money. The four of us having difficulty finishing half of the platters up, we need back up.
I think it would serve 4-6 men or probably 6-8 women, depending on which platters ordered. 
I am not a fan of ribs because I always hate stuffs with bones, and it was really awesome that the ribs are juicy, tender and do not stick on to the rib bones (!) ME LIKE
I think that besides the sharing platters which are considered affordable, the rest of the food might be a little too costly.

I had great time eating here because it's full of fun and laughter to be gathered at a place like this.
I would be back on 24th May to gather with my friends again
Hopes it's  as good as this time (:

The Star Vista
(Buona Vista)

Back to the Joke earlier on.
Answer: Because The Chicken Goes "PORK PORK PORK PORK PORK"
I'm sorry it's so lame I can't even. I can't.
And this joke is not racist k, if you really have to then BLAME THE CHICKEN.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


You get to EAT & SING for just 10++ LIKE FOR REAL?

1 Set Lunch + 1 Soft/Hot Drink + Free Singing Session 
Timing: 11 - 2 pm
Place:  K Box Marina Square & Orchard Cinleisure 
Terms and Conditions Applied. For more info, read HERE.

For their Set Lunch, there's new stuffs added to their menu!
Beside having Pineapple Fried Rice w Chicken Wings, now they have~
Prawn Olio Olio
It's tooooo peppery, as well as too spicy for me to handle.
But I still managed to finish the whole plate, so it isn't that bad after all except that I need to drink a lot of water to gush down those pepper and spicyiness from my throat.


Tom Yum Fried Rice w Chicken Skewer
It's Michy's, and I tried the Skewer(Teriyaki Chicken) it's actually quite nice.

Thousand Island Chicken Chop Rice
I didn't have it because it's rice(trying to diet) but it looks good not sure how it tasted like.

Beside all this menu updates, there's still more to K Box's Promotions.
Kala Student Privilege Card
Sing at $8 NETT during K Happy Session
Priced at $16, the card comes with /three free non-alcoholic drinks and tidbits on first check in.
Subsequent visits at $8 each, comes with two free non-alcoholic drinks and tidbits.
You can register for one using your student pass at any outlets.
First 21,000 who successfully signed up will receive goodie bags worth $20
Terms and Conditions Applied. For more info, read HERE.

K Box Five Stars Packages
Ever encounter K Box timing that didn't fit you, too short/long?
With K Box Packages, you get to choose based on the number of people you are with, the hours you want to sing and the degree of stars you want.
For single, you can probably just choose 1-3 stars because it's all soft/standard drinks and for HARDCORE drinkers you can choose 4-5 because it's inclusive of hard liquor. 
It's all up to you to choose something that fits what you want.
Terms and Conditions Applied. For more info, read HERE.

Anyway, being ushered to this room after reaching K Box at Marina Square.
I love this K Box room and I really meant it because me and my cousin's gf wanted to sing K but as you know not many guys appreciates singing (pointing at my cousin) so yeah, until she told me there is this room where we can sing K and they can play computers games or pool! and here I'm at the exact same room she has been talking about!
*Goat Screams*

So guys isn't it great? Especially for those who are not interested in singing, now you've better things to do.

Look at how much fun they're having, but I'm shy lah I sing to myself in bathroom /sings

In between we have a game of Ping Pong - promotes CGSG13 a little :3
I sucks am bad at Ping Pong, I think I can only play Badminton besides that I failed at everything.
How the game works is - try to get a ball into the cups via serving(how we start playing the ball in Badminton term) Each ball have different points for it and highest points win!

Winners get to win this cute little furry Rilakkuma back home~

Thanks Michy for teaching my readers how to "serve" a ball and how to play the game

Congrats to Sherie for winning 1st 
And of course congrats to me manage to get ONE ball into the cups.
I'm so proud of myself *APPLAUSE*

Okay so instead of singing, I'm like more into playing pool. I'm not really good in pool because I always lose when I'm with my uni cliques. I think I'm just lucky that day to win them, not fake or trying to act humble but really lor I'm always super happy that I managed to clear at least half of the balls when I'm playing with uni cliques at TPY. 
Okay, my face cui'd like wtf why my face like that.

Calvin seems to like playing pool too and he's quite good at it and everyone is cheering with both of us when playing. They shouted "Apple Apple Apple", and for Calvin they go "Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple" Seriously why they so cute hahaha!

I'm sorry for being FAT ):
Trying to act a little more fierce like those gangsta but I failed and looking like a fat gangsta wannabe

Cam-whoring and group photos! They made the whole K Box session so fun.

With Love, A