Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I posted this on Facebook on the day I did my hair and gotten quite a bit of responses asking where I did my hair at. It will all be reviewed here so read on (:

Headed over to Eden Salon at Cold Storage Jelita (Holland Road) with Jasmine, and I’m totally beaming with excitement right now that I've finally get a chance to dye my hair into something I like. I've always been dyeing brown colors for years, though there were many times where I have impulse to dye my hair into some exotic colors or do some dip-dye to it but I never did. 

I showed my stylist SHA, the kind of hair I wanted to attain. I have to say I was a little disappointed at start because they didn't have any exotic colors because this branch is more catered for Caucasians and has more of the warm colors instead. I have to admit I am a super annoying customer because I can never know what I want and I keep changing my mind. I am so glad SHA patiently attended to all my needs.

Credits to Jasmine
Let’s the change began (: Working hard towards my dream hair.
I did something like overlay for my hair, where the lower layer of my hair is dyed red and only the center of my back hair are bleached. It's more of a 'now you see it now you don't kind of hair'. It's great for working adults or people who don't wish to dye their hair fully red.
I was anticipating for the end results because the way they did my hair it doesn't feel like something awesome is going to pop right out of the aluminium foil, and I spend quite a while waiting for my hair to 'eat' the colors.
After 45 minutes

Finally it's done and  I had temporarily curls for my hair. It's the first time I had any curls on my hair except bed hairs
All ready to rock' n roll' now !

 Front View
 Back View
I had to say I totally love my hair now.
It gives my hair a fresh look with two-tone hair color, allowing me to do different style to my hair and looking different each time, except the bleached part is dried. My red hair still standing strong even after two weeks.
I would definitely go back to Eden Salon again.
Thanks Sha for giving me what I initially wanted (pink highlights) even though it's not in the 'menu' and Eden Salon for the chance!

Eden Salon
293 Holland Road, #02-14 Cold Storage Jelita, S(278628)
Email: | Tel: 6468 9889Opening Hours: 10AM - 8PM

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