Thursday, 13 June 2013


It sounds damn good right especially when the name is so long!
I really love this recipe and I'm going to share with y'all how to make it for your love ones (:
Recipe is easy and ingredients are quite accessible but this requires a lot of time to make but most of the time are just chilling so it's good to make it one day before 

Recipe adapted from Baking Mum but I have made some alteration to the recipe and instead of making it using tin, I made it in jars, easier to store and bring for friends to eat.

(A) Base
200g of Digestive Biscuits
100g of Melted Butter

(B) Marshmallow Layer
200g of Marshmallow
300ml of Skimmed Milk
(You can choose any kind of milk you like)
200ml of Whipping Cream
2 teaspoon of Gelatin

(C) Jello Topping
1 packet of Strawberry Jello
150ml of hot water
150ml of cold water

1.  Crush Digestive Biscuits into fine crumbs, and add Melted Butter in and mixed it well

2. Press the mixed Ingredients (A) into jars and leave it to chill inside the fridge for 20-30 minutes or so to harden the base.

3. In the mean while, heat up Marshmallow, Skimmed Milk & Whipping Cream inside a pot. Just small fire and constant stirring to prevent it from burning
*Do not use big fire because it will burnt the marshmallows*

4. Add in Melted Gelatin
*Tip: Add two teaspoon of water to Gelatin and stir before adding boiling water to melt it, this will prevent Gelatin from lumping up*
Stir well and leave it to cool.

5. Take out the jars from the fridge and add the Marshmallow layer.
*Tip: Since it's bubbly and I didn't like it so I used sieve to remove the most of the bubbles*
Leave it to chill for half hour.

6. (Optional)
Cut Strawberry and top them over the Marshmallow layer.
Press the Strawberry down a little but not too much because you won't want to spoil the layer.
Chill it for four hours or freeze it for two hours if you are in a hurry
I normally let it chill overnight though.

7. Pour out the Jello powder and add hot water to it before adding cold water.
Stir it well and let it cool for a little bit
*Tip: I normally put inside the freezer for like a couple of minute to quicken the cooling process*

8. Pour the Jello Topping in
Pour it slowly in case the Strawberry might float because of the pressure or whatsoever because it did happened when I pour too quickly.
Chill it for at least two hours, or until you find the jello hardens

9. Serve it chilled (:

It sounded easy right! Just a little bit more effort and I'm really glad how my friends loved this creation.
Like Michelle, Jasmine and Eileen who have tried said that I can sell this online ~ 
It's your turn to try it out and let your loves one taste it !

xoxo (:

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