Thursday, 18 July 2013


I had only dined once at East Point's Eighteen Chefs years ago when I was working and it was really love at first dine ~ Anyway, I followed Michelle and Jasmine to Openrice's Food Tasting Event at Eighteen Chefs, and in fact I wouldn't have known it was there if not for this food tasting. It's a great surprise to see a restaurant that I liked opening at one of the place I would hang out when I'm in town.

So, we are the earliest among the others and you know what we normally do while waiting.
Snap Snap!
Missed Me?

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea - $2.80
Recommended by Michelle and I had to say I loved it. 
Not too sweet nor sour, just my cup of tea.

French Loaf with Roasted Garlic Confit - $4.80
Hater's gonna hate and I didn't really like it because it's too much garlic for me too handle.
Garlic Lover, you totally should take it on.

Heart Attack Fried Rice $15.80(1pax) $28.80(2paxs)
The main 'lead' of today and it looks fabulous isn't it?
It looked simple but it's really takes one's skill to cook up simple dish like this. 
I am so in love with the highly fragrance + flavor fried rice and with the generous amount of beef,
it's totally worth getting 'heart attack' for.
If I ever eat that, I think I've a heart attack ~

Salmon Fillet in Orange Butter $15.80
Salmon overcooked but the sauce and sides were great.
It would be a hit if the Salmon was more tender.

64 Degree Egg
It's a half boiled egg, NO
It's a poached egg, NO
Chef Benny said that he was thinking of a unique way of devouring this perfect little egg using straw and I gladly took up the offer to help them experiment it.
I think I was the very first few who did it and everyone got so excited filming me sucking on that egg.
It's a really fun experience because I never knew I could eat an egg like this and it's funny how everyone started joining me after I finished sucking my egg (sound wrong but ..)
It's really different from eating it normally, must try when y'all eat this k!

Cheesy Snack Platter - $14.90
I am a sucker for cheese so yeap I liked the cheese.
However, the stuffs for dipping could be improvised.

Time for some sweet treats, and sadly I'm also a sucker for sweet savory

Peanut Butter with Condensed Milk Toast - $3.80
It's one awesome combination, I always liked this kind of thick toast and coating with peanut butter + condensed milk makes the whole thing rich and sweet.
A must order dish for me when I'm there in future.
And I won't share it.

Black Beauty - $4.90
I think the brownie and the ice-cream paired up well but unlike most places, Eighteen Chefs' brownies are the plain kind and I preferred it this way. Also, I like how the ice-cream is almost twice as much as brownie, hate those big big chunk of brownies (too 'jelat')

Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream - $7.50
I'm sorry that the photo turns out blurry and it took quite a while for everyone to finish taking their shots and when it's my turn it became like this ):
but I swear it's the best dessert among the rest, so must try!
don't worry about it being to sweet, is was covered up by vanilla ice-cream and waffles.
Life is Perfect, I say.

Just Chocolate in a Jar - $5.90
I liked the name.
It's basically just chocolate in a jar.
Chocolate ice-cream topped with almond flakes, M&M chocolates and chocolate sauce.
It's sinful and it can't go possibly go wrong with a full chocolate combination.

Thank You Openrice & Eighteen Chefs for the having me around (:
I had a great afternoon eating and meeting new friends, and can you believe I actually met my 'senior' and 'junior' of HGSS during this event.
Talk about coincidence man.

Simply ❤ them all, my event kakis
Group photos credits to Jasmine
Me & Chef Benny ready to kick some arse
Group photo of us acting 'beng & lian"
Smile x Love (:
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Level 4
Easily located near the cinema, great ambience and it tends to have long queue in the evening and weekends.
It's a great place to chill and have a bite before and after movie.

Good People, Great Food
Awesome Eighteen Chefs

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