Wednesday, 1 May 2013


You get to EAT & SING for just 10++ LIKE FOR REAL?

1 Set Lunch + 1 Soft/Hot Drink + Free Singing Session 
Timing: 11 - 2 pm
Place:  K Box Marina Square & Orchard Cinleisure 
Terms and Conditions Applied. For more info, read HERE.

For their Set Lunch, there's new stuffs added to their menu!
Beside having Pineapple Fried Rice w Chicken Wings, now they have~
Prawn Olio Olio
It's tooooo peppery, as well as too spicy for me to handle.
But I still managed to finish the whole plate, so it isn't that bad after all except that I need to drink a lot of water to gush down those pepper and spicyiness from my throat.


Tom Yum Fried Rice w Chicken Skewer
It's Michy's, and I tried the Skewer(Teriyaki Chicken) it's actually quite nice.

Thousand Island Chicken Chop Rice
I didn't have it because it's rice(trying to diet) but it looks good not sure how it tasted like.

Beside all this menu updates, there's still more to K Box's Promotions.
Kala Student Privilege Card
Sing at $8 NETT during K Happy Session
Priced at $16, the card comes with /three free non-alcoholic drinks and tidbits on first check in.
Subsequent visits at $8 each, comes with two free non-alcoholic drinks and tidbits.
You can register for one using your student pass at any outlets.
First 21,000 who successfully signed up will receive goodie bags worth $20
Terms and Conditions Applied. For more info, read HERE.

K Box Five Stars Packages
Ever encounter K Box timing that didn't fit you, too short/long?
With K Box Packages, you get to choose based on the number of people you are with, the hours you want to sing and the degree of stars you want.
For single, you can probably just choose 1-3 stars because it's all soft/standard drinks and for HARDCORE drinkers you can choose 4-5 because it's inclusive of hard liquor. 
It's all up to you to choose something that fits what you want.
Terms and Conditions Applied. For more info, read HERE.

Anyway, being ushered to this room after reaching K Box at Marina Square.
I love this K Box room and I really meant it because me and my cousin's gf wanted to sing K but as you know not many guys appreciates singing (pointing at my cousin) so yeah, until she told me there is this room where we can sing K and they can play computers games or pool! and here I'm at the exact same room she has been talking about!
*Goat Screams*

So guys isn't it great? Especially for those who are not interested in singing, now you've better things to do.

Look at how much fun they're having, but I'm shy lah I sing to myself in bathroom /sings

In between we have a game of Ping Pong - promotes CGSG13 a little :3
I sucks am bad at Ping Pong, I think I can only play Badminton besides that I failed at everything.
How the game works is - try to get a ball into the cups via serving(how we start playing the ball in Badminton term) Each ball have different points for it and highest points win!

Winners get to win this cute little furry Rilakkuma back home~

Thanks Michy for teaching my readers how to "serve" a ball and how to play the game

Congrats to Sherie for winning 1st 
And of course congrats to me manage to get ONE ball into the cups.
I'm so proud of myself *APPLAUSE*

Okay so instead of singing, I'm like more into playing pool. I'm not really good in pool because I always lose when I'm with my uni cliques. I think I'm just lucky that day to win them, not fake or trying to act humble but really lor I'm always super happy that I managed to clear at least half of the balls when I'm playing with uni cliques at TPY. 
Okay, my face cui'd like wtf why my face like that.

Calvin seems to like playing pool too and he's quite good at it and everyone is cheering with both of us when playing. They shouted "Apple Apple Apple", and for Calvin they go "Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple" Seriously why they so cute hahaha!

I'm sorry for being FAT ):
Trying to act a little more fierce like those gangsta but I failed and looking like a fat gangsta wannabe

Cam-whoring and group photos! They made the whole K Box session so fun.

With Love, A

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