Wednesday, 24 April 2013


This is OMY's second food trail and I'm thankful that I had the chance to experience different varieties of food. It's just way too exciting that I didn't even eat dinner the day before just to prepare myself for the food trail.
6 hours of feasting in 10 F&B outlets in Bugis Junction - Mission Accomplished.
So let me share with y'all what I've been eating for the whole day and what's recommended. 
请不要转台 "Do not change channel"

 P.S I think I'm a little slow because I didn't even know this shop existed at Bugis Junction, or probably because I usually don't travel up to 4th floor. It's just beside the cinema, so for those who are catching a movie and need some food, this is probably the best place. I love fries, and there's all sorts of fries to pair up with your meal. Looking at their dishes, it's really consistent with their shop name #ifyougetwhatImean

 Stop #2: Platypus Kitchen
Platypus Kitchen believes that "Quality Gourmet Food  Should be Affordable to Everyone".
To bring value-for-money dining experience for the customers, their dishes are priced below $20, at the same time there's also monthly lunch and dinner promotion available.
Interested to experience some gourmet style dining? Then this is definitely the right place for you.

Stop #3: Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
I've been to Shanghai and I totally love their xiaolongbao(小笼包Beside having that in Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, there's also "dalongbao(笼包)" which is actually commonly known as guantangbao(灌汤包) 
I love both and if I've to choose I'll probably choose the latter.

Stop #4: Siam Kitchen
After having a taste of western and chinese cruisine, it's time to move on for some Thai food. I believe most people would have heard/seen or even been to Siam Kitchen. It's my first time there because I've been very devoted to Ahloythai and I love how Siamese combined sour and spicy in almost every dish and yet you still can't get enough of it . Now I've even more selection of restaurant for Thai cruisine.
'Another bowl of Tom Yum Soup Puh-lease?

Stop #5: Kazokutei
I love Jap cruisine too, I think it's really awesome how I get to eat all my favourite cruisines.
Anyway, Kazokutei, another restaurant that I've never been to but their noodles served was really chewy! QQQQ I like. Another thing is, I'm very particular about Cha Soba and theirs is really quite unique, in the sense that it seems to be made using "flat noodles" and similiar to their udon, it's chewy as well.
I've tried the sushi and I think it's real fresh unlike those ready-made sushi.

At this point of time I'm already having mild food coma already, until I heard our next destination is DESSERT.
"I've enough of dessert. - said no one ever."

Stop #6: NYDC
"I'm a happy girl in a happy world, life's fantastic"
I have sweet tooth, undeniable and I totally go crazy even before I'm in NYDC. When we bypass NYDC during the food trail. I was like "EH got reserved tables, must be for us one right?!" and thankgod it is! I literally ate three slices of cheesecake excluding other varieties, which means it could easily been total up to five slices of cake?
But but, it's dessert ): It should be okay once in awhile right?

Food Coma
After eating dessert it feels like everything has ended but no, it's only halfway there
"Dragggg my body and continue further"

Stop #7: Fish & Co
I was motivated a little when I'm at Fish & Co because I love their fishhhhhh. I believed that I was a reincarnation of a cat. I'm in cat haven. They have changed their menu into "Fishing Magazine" isn't it cool or what? and many new items has been added to their menu. 
"Looks at the Grilled Fish with Ebiko and said I'll be back for you"

Stop #8: HonGuo
I was impressed at their red bowl, because it's so large it can fit my whole head. I've exams recently and it was fairly easy because I've eat their "Scholar Cross Bridge Vermicelli" 状元过桥米线 now I feel 10x smarter already! If you love Prawn coated with Salted Egg Yolk, then you die die must try Pumpkin Fries with Salted Egg Yolk. It's so addictive that I really wanted to grab a bowl of rice, but of course I didn't because I was too full for it.

Stop #9: Yummi Bites
Ever sick of Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana), then hop on to Yummi Bites for different assortments of fried food such as the commonly seen Fried Sweet Potato, Tapioca, Fried Nian Gao Original and the more exotic Durian Nian Gao Crispy Tofu, Cheese Ball, SnowBall(Ice-cream) and Curry Bomb(!)
I'm in for a treat.

Stop #10: MaggieMoo's
In such a hot and humid day, nothing is better than having a cup of your favourite soft ice-cream.
I've tried six of the flavours and I will vote for Red Velvet Cake and Dark Chocolate!

It really set a perfect ending to the food trail and I'm thankful that OMY provides me with the chance to experience different types of cruisines and through this event I've made many friends and they really made the whole trip full of fun and laughters. I hope we have many more opportunities to hang around for food again!

Ending the event with individual photo taking and group photos
 Shopping Buddies 
Bonding Session with the newly made friends as well as those whom we got much closer during the events!
Last but not least, a group photo to end this food trail.

I'll be adding links to individual restuaurant but I need some time since I just finished one out of my three papers recently only. Do keep a lookout!

Crossed = Linked.
#1 - Everything with Fries
#2 Platypus Kitchen
#3 Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
#4 Siam Kitchen
#5 Kazokutei
#7 Fish & Co
#8 HonGuo
#9 Yummi Bites
#10 MaggiMoo's

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