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Remembered that in OsteoMilk Post I said I will be updating recipe, and now I'm back to demonstrate how to make Banana Biscuit Cake with OsteoMilk.
All you need is 3 ingredients to give you the perfect breakfast(dessert) depending on when you're having it.

It's actually adapted from Happy Together 3 Episode 282, where their guests are Girls' Generation, Kim Wansun, Baek Jiyoung. I personally found it really interesting how she actually made a cake with only minimal ingredient, in fact it didn't take as long as three hours like stated in the show, just that you need to leave it in the fridge for hours to let the cake absorb the moisture. However, I'm only doing the Banana Cake without Whipped Cream, it's more for breakfast or light dessert.

Banana Biscuit Cake
Ingredients: Each Banana Biscuit Cake
Marie Biscuit/Digestive Biscuits (3)
Banana (2/3)
OsteoMilk (1)
(1 Satchel of OsteoMilk can be used for more than 5-6 Banana Cakes)
Whipped Cream (Optional)

Step 1: Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water (150ml) and dissolve the satchel of OsteoMilk.
Step 2: Once OsteoMilk completely dissolved, dip Marie Biscuits in it for approximately 30 seconds.
Step 3: Transfer soaked Marie Biscuits into plate
and layered it with sliced banana.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for one more time, forming second layer
(You can form three or four layers, it's fine as long as it doesn't toppled)
Step 5: Cover it with another soaked Marie Biscuit
(Do no layer with banana this time)
Step 6: Scoop two spoon of the remaining OsteoMilk over each Banana Biscuit Cake
(It's okay if you see it dripped all over the plate, it will all be soaked into the Marie Biscuit after chilling)
Step 7: Chill it for approximately 1.5 hours
(I normally chill it overnight)
Step 8: Serve while chilled
Oh and people might ask why do I want to use OsteoMilk. It's because OsteoMilk keeps you pretty inside out because of its collagen where normal milk doesn't provide and it's less fattening too :P
I didn't add whipped cream(fattening) and it's much easier this way. However if you intend to make it as Birthday cake  then go ahead. Just follow the instructions and layered the top and sides with whipped cream.
You can watch the full video HERE, it's Episode 282 Part 5

It's really simple how it's done and it's unbelievable how it tasted like cake because it has absorbed all the milk during chilling and banana rocks! You can actually make more because there will still be quite a bit of OsteoMilk leftover(I drank it) It doesn't really matter as long as you got enough Marie Biscuits and Banana
I'll be experimenting how it works with both banana and strawberry, seems cool too.
If you're interested in trying out OsteoMilk, you can read up my previous post HERE, where you can redeem a free sample pack of OsteoMilk and OsteoSoy.

Stay Tune - I'll be updating another recipe using OsteoSoy this time!

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