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Hello, I'm back for more blogging. 
I wonder if anyone misses this blog?
Anyway, I was invited to ThaiExpress Community Games 2013 Bloggers Dinner at Bugis+ last Tuesday.
I not sure if you guys know but ThaiExpress has launched a new menu with over 130 items at the start of the New Year. The revamp act aims to freshen up local diners’ palate with a slew of new menu items inspired by authentic Thai dishes from different parts of Thailand.
It simply means more varieties of food and even tastier than it was before.

I met up with Michy & Kaman before the designated timing because I was told to be early. End up, we really are the earliest and we have to self entertain ourselves. But first, we order drinks first.
Left KaMan: [Naam Ma Toom] $6.20
Traditional Thai Herbal Drink
Middle Me: Red Bean Milkshake
Right Michy: Chiang Mai Mango Blend
 We started joking about how KaMan needs the herbal drink since she's oldest among us. I realize if you drink red bean milkshake followed by herbal drink; it taste like oilment :X
Then we started taking photos while waiting for the rest to come
I really love how funny they are! Michy is really outgoing and fun to attend events with. Not forgetting my love-hate partner KaMan, I see her so often in events till I feel sick already but without her I'm gonna feel so empty (puke) because she stay near me!
So before I spoil your appetite, let's introduce to you guys the dishes we are served that night

1. [Khoa Tang Naa Tang] $7.90
Thai Rice Cracker served with Special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce
I know I'm quite a sadist but I can't help but to laugh at Calvin's attempts to pronounce the name.
The dish name end up becoming -靠糖拿糖 (LOL)
Rice Cracker dipped in Creamy Sauce sounds good but I felt that the creamy sauce was overpowered by coconut milk, so I didn't really fancy this dish.

2. [Poo Cha] $10.40
Deep-fried Minced Crab Meat and Chicken Cake with Plum Sauce
 I didn't really dipped the plum sauce because I find the Crab Meat and Chicken Cake was very nice on its own. It's feels like eating Chicken Fillet.

3. [Kway Teow Lui Suan] $9.30
Thai-style DIY Minced Chicken and Dry Kway Teow Salad
I believe this one is among bloggers's top favourite with a bit of Korean style.
 It has quite unique way of eating.
First, pick a lettuce, then you layered a piece of Kway Teow, and add the amount of Minced Meat and Spicy Sauce you would like to have before wrapping it up and gobble it down.
Tadah, it should look like this (below)
The sauce is quite spicy so if you can't take spicy probably can give it a miss because the meat itself is tasty enough.

4. [Mee Krob] $7.90
Crispy Caramelized Noodle with Chicken Cube
I ended up eating half bowl of this by myself.  I love crispy noodles! It reminds me of yam ring we normally see at zi-char or restaurant . But I think cannot eat too much because you will get sick of it. It's kind of sweet for noodle.

5. [Gai Op Pattaya] $9.90
Thai-style Roasted Chicken Thigh
I didn't really eat this because I dislike boney stuffs. However KaMan cut a small piece for me, and yes it's quite good because the meat is tender, I like!
If only there's breast meat version or something.

6. [Kway Teow Sukhothai] $11.30
Stick Noodle with Minced Chicken and Prawn in Chilli Oil Soup with Crushed Peanut
I ate a mouth before they mixed the chilli in. I was already quite spicy for me so too bad not my kind of dishes ):
However they said it was nice, and spiciness was just right for them. 
Confirm spicy die me.

7.  [Pueak Himmapan] $9.30
Fried Taro with Cashew Nut
I'm not a fan of Taro actually, but this Fried Taro tasted like sweet & sour pork while the Cashew Nut tasted like Cashew Nut rolled in sweet & sour sauce.. In fact the sauce tasted like sweet and sour pork. :x
Sweet & Sour Pork Lover, this is for you man.

8. [Tom Yum Peek Gai] $8.30
 Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wing
I don't know why I didn't eat this ):
Oh mannnnnnnnnnnn

9. [Kraphoa Gai Kai Yeow Maa] $9.30
Stir-Fried Minced Chicken with Thai Basil and Century Egg
I was warned that this dish  is out of my league and I was only told after i ate a piece of Century Egg but luckily it was the minced meat that's spicy. KaMan who eat spicy stuffs also find the meat super spicy.

I really find that Thai love flavored food.
Every dishes we had, complements with sauce.
Either that or their food is super sweet/spicy, full of flavoring
Anyway, are you full just from reading?
It's not the end you know
We still got D.E.S.S.E.R.T & There's always space for dessert - Apple & Yun Shan

10. [Ta Kor] $6.80 (Left)
Famous Thai Fragrant Pandan Jelly with Coconut Custard
11. [Lod Chong Singapore] $5.30 (Right)
Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong with Sliced Jackfruit and Red Ruby in Coconut Milk
1st one smells nice with scent of Pandan. Don't be deceive by coconut custard, it's actually salty. SALTY.
Michy till now still don't understand why it's salty and Calvin didn't want to tell her. Epic.
2nd one is a more fruity choice with sliced of jack-fruit It's like our commonly seen dessert - Chendol.

12. [Mun Cheam] $5.30 (Left)
Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk
13. [Coconut Paradise] $5.30 (Right)
 At first everyone is guessing the dessert is papaya(LOL) Like papaya with coconut milk over it.
Michy said it's like Salmon, double LOL. It was sweet and soft, like papaya~
Our last dish of dessert was my favourite! (DIY)
Ingredient includes; ice-cream, sticky rice(YAY), attap chee and peanuts.
I think ice-cream and sticky rice itself is the best combination, something like Mango Sticky Rice!

This ends our Thai Express Food Tasting Session~
I really enjoyed having the company of friends having food tasting together, making all sorts of jokes.
Thanks to CalvinTimo,Community Games 2013 and Thai Express for making it happen!
Ending off with photos we took together during the event!
With Love 

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