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I've seen many of COCOA B's reviews and it seems great and therefore I purchased one for my boyf on Valentine's Day and I was surprised of the remarkable services I've received. I purchased it rather last minute and I was in JB at the point of time, but I told her I would need it the day after tomorrow which is Valentine's Day but I couldn't transfer because I wasn't in Singapore until probably late night. They were kind enough to prepare my ingredients for my Chocolate and said they will set to work once I paid, so it would be ready on V's Day eve and delivered to me. I was so glad they are able to rush it out for me. I really appreciated the hard effort.
As I've said I purchased it, therefore this is not sponsored and is based on my own opinions.

Take a look at my creation
 My Orders:
1 White Chocolate
+ Macadamia Nuts
+ Bacon Bits
+ I Love You Plaque
+ Red Heart Sprinkle

Isn't it very Valentine-ish because of the red and white combination of colors?
I really liked it because it's really pretty and customized based on my preference.
I bought Bacon Bits because it was one of the signature toppings and it seems cool enough to add Bacon Bits in your Chocolate. I mean where else can you find it?

Me & Le Boyf enjoying Cocoa B
Boyf loves it!
He said the Bacon Bits was really nice and blended well into the creation. 
But I didn't really like the Bacon Bits in the chocolate though, I love sweet stuffs so probably salty isn't my type of chocolate. However I think the Chocolate quality was great and the macadamia nut was my favorite. But it doesn't matter if I liked it or not because what important is he loves it.

Overall I think that COCOA B has really innovative idea of customizing Chocolate because nobody has the same liking, and there's large variety of toppings to choose from, ranging from fruits to exotic toppings. I would love it if they have a retail shops in Singapore instead of online.
What I'm even more excited about is, now there is two sizes to opt for.
So instead of fighting for Chocolate, now me and boyf gets one of our favorite Chocolates and topping each.
I believe that nothing beats stuffs customized to our own preference.
I like having my Chocolate customized.
How about you?
Visit COCOA B's website for more information about the Chocolate & FAQ

Ending off with couple shot with 

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