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Platypus Kitchen

Platypus Kitchen in Bugis Junction serves casual Mediterranean/Italian style bistro and they specializes in fresh handmade pastas, gourmet risottos and delicious main plates.
Platypus aims to provide customers with value-for-money dining experiences, therefore all dishes are priced under $20. Not only that, Platypus introduce monthly set lunch promotions (starting from $10.90) and set dinner promotions as well (starting from $16.90).

Introducing y'all their beverages first
Momo-Lychee Ale (Pinkish) $9.90
Larger beer flavoured with fresh peach and lychee nectar, then garnished with mint sprigs and
fresh lychees
Smith’s Ale (Greenish) $9.90
Larger beer infused with green apples
and lemons, then garnished with fresh apples, lemon and passion fruit
 I would prefer the lychee one even though I love apple because it tasted much sweeter and better.

Some side dishes to start the balls rolling
Truffle Fries $6.90
Thick cut French fries seasoned with white truffle oil tossed in Truffle salsa and topped with shaved truffles
I love the fries as well as truffles but it would be better if truffles could stick to the fries instead of dropping everywhere. It's more like eating fries and truffles separately even though Platypus Kitchen is very generous with their truffles.

Crab Cake $12.90
Three potato fritters stuffed with chunks of crab claw meat, deep fried and served with lemon
You can taste good quality crab claw meat (not those cheapo crab sticks) from the Crab Cake but it's a little too dry even with lemon.

Risotto balls $8.90
Mozzarella-stuffed balls of risotto, breaded in panko then deep fried and served over of rich pumpkin puree
Crispy on the outer layer and tasty risotto mixed with mozzarella inside, followed by coating it with pumpkin puree before stuffing one into your mouth. This combination is simply marvellous and it's my favourite side dishes! 

5 Recommended Main Dishes in Platypus Kitchen
Saffron & Caviar Risotto $19.90
Saffron infused risotto with char-grilled prawns and scallops then finished with sustainable caviar and fine herbs.
Paying less than $20 to enjoy premium Caviar, that's really a steal. I think all the ingredients blended in well with one another however Caviar is a little too salty, but I like (Y)

 Squid-ink Scallops Ragout $16.50
Squid-ink Tagliolini served with seared bay scallops in a light garlic-dashi sauce
I've never really liked squid-ink pasta because they tend to make your teeth all black and disgusting. However this pasta does not (!) I was really surprised, definitely worth the try. I like the scallops and pasta but I didn't really like how babytomato seems to be stealing the limelight.

Truffle Carbonara $16.50
Egg Tagliatelle with double-smoked bacon and mushrooms in a truffle egg-yolk sauce
Carbonara fan, this is for you! Pasta belongs to the flat kind and I think probably because of the bacon, the whole dish turned out to be quite salty. But I love how generous Platypus Kitchen is, look at the amount of truffles they give! 

Spicy ‘DIABLO’ Crab & Prawn $18.50
Egg Tagliolini with prawns and crab claw tossed in a spicy egg sauce
Spicy Diablo, not the Diablo 3 hor.
This dish my favourite main course! It has my favourite seafoods -crab and prawn, and the spicines is just right for me to enjoy some "shiokness" 

 Pressed Pork Belly $19.90
Melt in your mouth pork belly served with braised apples, garden vegetables and a honey & clove apple glaze.
Heard that it's one of their most popular dish in Platypus Kitchen. I was quite anticipating because it looked great when they pour the glaze over the pork belly. It didn't fail my expection because it turned out to be very tender like how the menu described as "melt in your mouth"

Last but not least, my favourite - Dessert!
Iced Sea Salt Caramel $8.90
Sea salt & caramel butter cream, chocolate peanut butter brittle, ganache and popping candy
It's unique because it's layered with popping candy that "pop" in your mouth for around 30seconds. It's really quite interesting and it reminds me of my childhood sweet, the leg-shaped lollipop with popping candy inside that you can coat with, it's exactly the same.

Platypus Kitchen showed us that "Gourmet Food Should Be Affordable". Bringing the finest handmade food to customers and charging them value-for-money prices, allow everyone to experience their food. I really like their concept. Who says gourmet food must be expensive, should really visit Platypus Kitchen.

Look at me, I'm a happy girl because I've gotten Bachelor's Banquet from Nicholas Lin(Owner of Platypus Kitchen) and signed by him tooooooo! -Fangirl mode- I love cooking and I'm thankful how generous he is to gift us his book! Thank You!
Bugis Junction #03-29

For More Informations about Platypus Kitchen,
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