Thursday, 18 April 2013


I was quite elated to receive Liese's New Bubble Hair Color - Jewel Pink. Don't go 'woah' because it's not literally pink, it's more of brownish with ting of pinkyness in it which actually isn't that obvious. I took it up because I think it's actually quite bright like my previous hair color or rather more brighter because of the pink in it. I love brown that are bright, it makes one look more cheerful! The perfect hair color I want!
 And here's the product delivered to me two weeks ago, two bottles of Liese's Jewel Pink, Pink Hairband and Pink Roses. How sweet are they!
So basically, what you see is what you get.
It should include(Anti-Clockwise From Top):
 1. Instructions for Use
2. Rinse-off Treatment
3. Gloves
4. Foamer Cap
5. Solution 1
6. Solution 2
 However, I would recommend you get yourself ready for the D.I.Y
1. Change into clothing you don't mind staining and wrap a towel or cape around your neck.
2. It is not necessary to divide your hairs into section because you are just going to 'wash' your hair
3. To make it easier to remove any mixture that gets onto the skin, apply a thin layer of oil-based skin cream to the hairline including ears, forehead and neckline etc.
4. If mixture gets onto skin or drips, wipe off immediately with damp cotto pad or tissue paper as the longer the mixture stained your skin, the harder irt is to remove.
 Opps, a little bit messy around here, but my room is even messier than my hair for sure.
I'm totally in love with the outcome, though boyf said it looks the same as my old color, but I was really happy when Joyce asked if I've dye my hair recently because it looks exceptionally brown and even brighter than before. Okay my day is set!

My Experience with Liese's Jewel Pink
Jewel Pink is really a very nice color, in fact I love all their bright color series!
For ladies who intend to get it, remember if you have shoulder length hair or up to bra- length hair you probably only need one bottle, however if your hair is thick or super long you probably need one half or two to fully cover it. You can even share with someone but do not keep it overnight, it will literally spoil

I've actually purchased Liese's Bubble Hair Color before but that was few years ago because at that point of time my hair wasn't really those that 'eat color' so every color I dye literally looks black on me unless under the sun. After trying out Etude House's one that spoilt my hair, I've decided to go salon instead. However after this attempt, I can finally dye my hair using Liese Hair Bubble Color without going back to salon. It's a much cheaper alternative for me and I like the outcome of it. It only require you to do 'shampooing' motion to your hair and it will cover every part of your hair, you don't even have to worry about missing any spot.
Trust me, "It's so easy even my ahma know hows to use Liese's Bubble Hair Color" except that she don't need it because she has this perfect natural white-gold hair color right now.
Love my hair nowwwww /flickhairs
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