Friday, 17 February 2012


Spend my actual valentine's day working in the morning, schooling in the afternoon and dinner with Joyce in the evening. got kinda envy seeing girls holding flowers & balloons with their boyfriends having dinner. It happened to me once only ): never celebrated valentine's since 4 years ago. #foreveralone

Finished 步步惊心 already! Ending was sad and I cried till my eyes got swollen and couldn't wear contact lens the next day. But I liked how the story followed the history because it's more realistic this way.
四爷 & 八爷

Ate Astons + Watch Underworld: Awakening with Yinle today at PlazaSing. It has been like 1234567days since we last met(should be only 2 months) Lucky we went earlier to Astons so we manage to get seats quite fast, food was alright, but had no idea why there are always big crowd, it's not like really yummy yummy. I had not watched Underworld 1,2 & 3 but i went to watch 4. Comment for this movie is gore, gore and still gore. Movie was fast-paced but full of gore scenes. P.S: Not for weak hearts.

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