Sunday, 8 April 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Color

Tried the Etude House Bubble Hair Color(EHBHC) Natural Brown which is similar to my current hair color, I think pictures look like it's the same but actually I just wanted to cover the black roots first.
EHBHC uses dispenser instead of squeezing bottle, so it's easier for us to dispense foam with glove on and won't make it so messy and the smell is not as strong compared to Liese's one. I totally love the purple sachet of silky perfumed treatment, it made my hair smooth and smell nice for hours. I Google for it but it's out of stock else where.I left it for an hour because I was too engrossed in T.V and folding joss paper, when I wash it off, my hair felt as though I had applied hair gel on. It was so hard to wash away, and even after 3 washes, my hair remain rock hard and hard to comb ): Thankgod, problem solved after applying treatment. I think it's really cheap deal compared to Liese since sometimes it could be as cheap as $8.90, however, it made my hair dry.
 My hair used to be quite dry, but it normally cured after rebonding at my fav. salon but this time it doesn't and I believe is due to EHBHC. Since then my hair constantly need conditioner and serum if not right, it will be tangled and damn hard to comb. It feels like wild grass now ):
My biggest regret to even try it out

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