Monday, 14 May 2012

House, Vintage Tea Party

Went to Dempsey for a vintage tea party! Qiuyi suggested it and we met up on Friday and Mabel specially got off to meet us including Patrica. Pictures!
My top favourite would be the little desserts in the cup, all 3 of them tasted superbly nice! Especially the one that look like egg shell, it tasted like custard with a little sugar casing over it, absolutely awesome. Next would be the banana swiss roll that I took like more than 8? I regret not taking more though. And it's funny that vintage tea party has curry chicken but still it's nice with the tasty tender chickens. Their mushroom and skinny pizza wasn't bad however mushroom slightly salty. Would be much better if their variety get even more, because there is only like 2 tables of variety of cupcakes and 1 table for breads, but their food was really great, would totally bring friends to come again for some taitai's session! however this time, I'm just gonna grab all my favourite food because there is only like 2.5 hours for the buffet!
Do remember to reserve online though if going down for the tea party.

House: Vintage Tea Party
Thursdays & Fridays: 3pm - 5.30pm
8D Dempsey rd

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