Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shilei's Birthday Celebration!

I'm honored(happy) that Shilei invited us to attend her 21st at Antoinette, located at Penhas Road. It's a French cafe lies around the heart of Lavender. From the outside itself, it looks like some high class cafe, and of course when you walked in you won't help but to get awed by it, and not to mention, even their toilet is so vintage! It's my first time attending 21st dinner party so I'm so excited about it! Had Macaron as door gift, gotten myself the pink one which i guess it was strawberry, however it tasted weird, maybe it's just me. Cherie ordered Concorde Crepe while I ordered Morel Mushroom Pasta and we shared a bowl Mushroom Soup.
P.S to Shilei: it's been 8 years since I know you and it's really great to have friend like you, I still remembered we used to hang around at Mac and not forgetting the Heart-To-Heart sessions we always do with Pearlyn and Isabelle outside Westmall's Aussino. I ♥ you always and hope the best for you! KBOX SOON?! XOXO ♥

Located at * Penhas Road * Mandarin Gallery * Scarlet Hotel * Palais Renaissance *
Bring your loves one there! It's an awesome place for dating :3

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