Monday, 16 September 2013


I am going for an all purple trend, been a little obsessed in purple recently.

It's absolutely time to paint up my plain, ugly long nails which hasn't been done since May? 
Lazy is my middle name and I always hated to do-it-myself so I always find someone else to do the job. Furthermore, cousin's wedding is this week and I really need to get myself all pretty :3 for his wedding.

Absolutely Nails, located at Marine Parade Central. It's situated opposite the market outside of Parkway, for non-east-siders might be a little difficult to find but I have been to the market a couple of time so I found it in no-time. I'm a road idiot fyi so if I can find it, so can you!

It's along the stretch of shops at Blk 82. You will see their shop instantly.
Picture is taken from Absolutely Nails

First impression of the shop is I find it a little small but nevertheless cozy. It gives me the feeling like I entered a home based salon. It's definitely better and neater than the home based salon for sure. Additionally, they have T.V to keep customers occupied. I was busy watching the 7pm show while having them do my nails.

Since there's no customer around except for me (p.s it's pretty late appointment), so yay, I have both pretty manicurist for myself! 
Doing both classic manicure and pedicure for today.

Look at the colors and range to choose from, I took super long before deciding on an all-purple nails to match my hair color.
I actually made an effort to count the no. of nail polish in the shop.
326 normal nail polish & 111 gelish nail polish
Mostly consist of China Glaze, Orly, OPI and Perfect Gelish.

After the basic-classic manicure care, my nails are looking pretty and healthy even without any paint on it.
Don't you wish your finger is long like me /flicks

Taken by Absolutely Nails
For finger nails, I choose pastel purple and my manicurist added designs to make it less plain.
Toe nails are done pretty fast, and it's in my favorite shade of purple. 
Shimmering purple w a hint of secretive mystic fweeeeeling

Both purple, yet different. Colors are amazing.
Don't you think so too?

Both classic manicure and pedicure done within an hour. Purrrrfect.

One of the manicurist left after doing pedicure for me, leaving this cute and shy manicurist. Her service is really good, helping me roll down my jeans, wear my shoes, take a picture for me etc etc. I was so 'paiseh' that she have to help me with my shoes. Felt a little handicap but really thankful that she's so kind. I would rate her 80/100 because she's quite quiet throughout the whole manicure session, I have to entertain myself through T.V but overall it's all good for me.

Absolutely Nails
Blk 82, Marine Parade Central
#01-620 Singapore 440082

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