Thursday, 26 September 2013


Bear Bites prove that you can definitely have the best of both world in their shop.

Bear Bites 熊の食, located in the heart of Singapore, right at Scape.
It's the concept where east meet west - Chinese version of burger.
Best thing, you get to choose from various option of bun & sauce!

How to Order?
Step 1: Select Main
A: Karaage Crispy Chicken $4.80
B: Oishii Fish Fillet $5.80

Step 2: Select Paw
Milk / Brown Sugar / Yam / Curry / Whole Grain / Squid Ink / Strawberry (Seasonal)

Step 3: Select Sauce
Black Pepper / Tar Tar / Golden Cheese / Mushroom / Sweet & Spicy Thai / Honey Mustard

Add on: Sides & Beverages
Smoked Salmon Salad w Japanese Yu Tzu Sauce - $6.80
French Fries - $2.60
Cheese Fries - $4.00
Bear Paw Gelato - $3.80
Chocolate / Green Tea / Salted Biscuit
Assorted Drink from Pokka - $2.50-$3.00

Chicken Karrage Meal (Fries + Drink) - $7.80
Oishii Fish Fillet (Fries + Drink) - $8.80
Top up $1 to upgrade fries into cheese fries

Highlight in Red are the combination I have tried.

It was lucky that I head down during non-peak period and there's not much people around. I was able to dine in and get my burger fairly quick.
However, it's really a risky idea to be dining in, as you know the birds tends to be overcrowding the entire Somerset - Orchard areas.
You never know if you gotten something extra in the bun.
Even if there isn't birds around, the place is still infested with houseflies.
I had such a bad time eating there.
Okay and that's for the atmosphere, it can be solved by taking away the food.

It's hard for cheese fries to go wrong, simply because it's cheeeeeese.
I like thick fries but I would suggest them being more generous with the sauce.

Boyf's Karaage Chicken + Curry + Golden Cheese 

As you can see it's quite messy to eat with the sauce leaking all over the place.
It's soft like braised pork mantou and I like that the bun has light curry smell.
Sadly, the cheese taste diluted and so much for calling it golden cheese.

 Mine's Karrage Chicken + Milk + Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce

Okay, after I removed tomato & lettuce (I don't eat them) and it looked like this.
seriously? the meat is barely half of my bun, utterly disappointed.
They should at least do QC on the size of the meat before serving to customers.
I must say the sauce and bun are quite good for mine, it's just that the chicken is too small ):

Bear Bites is a store with ultimate potential if they know how to handle it well. The concept is great but need more improvement on the quality and price-wise. In my opinion, it's still a store you must at least visit once in your life.

2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE
Singapore, Singapore 237978

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