Monday, 27 January 2014


Time to clear back log

I finally decided to go with Tune Hotel for my Legoland & Hello Kitty Town trip after much self-debating  with myself. I love to compare several hotels and contradict myself before settling down.

Rationale behind my decisions:
1. Shuttle bus to and fro Legoland & Hello Kitty Town
FYI, taxi that brings you there normally rips you off, because they don't usually get customers after dropping you off (empty trip back). Likewise, taxis that waits at the parks are BLUE, which costs 2x more than the regular cabs.
Tip: Always board the regular cabs and it's okay to skip the blue premium cabs even if their cabs are right at the start of waiting queue. However, do board the next available regular cab that's behind the blue one.

2. Value-for-money 
Advance purchasing via Tune Hotel online portal, for my case, the room costs only MYR110.
Tip: Plan and book the room months ahead of travel dates will gets you better hotel rates. & check their FB page for updates of promotions.

3. Good Reviews
I was scanning through TripAdvisor and read countless good reviews from their staycation. It was highly raved by many and they provided interesting good tips during the stay. I liked their prompt response over the Internet and whenever I have inquiries it was solved within probably 24 hours?

This pretty much summarize why did I chose Tune Hotel, and here comes my Experiences with Tune Hotel Danga Bay.

I reached Tune Hotel, left my luggage with the counters (MYR2 per bag a day) as it's way beyond the check in time. And I find it irresistible to take picture of this cute Lego dinosaur near the counter. It's making me so excited about my Legoland Trip.

I reached hotel before 9am, just so I won't miss their shuttle bus that leaves at 930am & 10am. If you late, then too bad, you gotta request counter to help you call a cab up which doesn't come cheap. I purchased my tickets via Tune Hotel because they bundled the regular priced ticket(MYR110) with free shuttle bus that would usually cost MYR15 for the ride alone.
On a side note, I would recommend you guys to purchase the ONE park tickets at Hello Kitty Town. I went to ONLY the Hello Kitty Land even though I have TWO parks tickets because the rest was too lame for my age.
One park ticket - MYR 75
Two park ticket - MYR 110
I literally wasted my money because The Little Big Club are for kids.

Another thing, I was stupidly waiting for the shuttle bus at the hotel lobby, not knowing I have to cashout exchange the vouchers into Shuttle Transfer Coupon at their agency right outside the place. Make sure yours is something like this before they will let you board the shuttle bus van.

Tips: Be early, because the van has limited seats, and if you can't board the first one, you have to wait for the next available van.

Shuttle van comes to pick us up from Legoland either at 530 or 6pm, so we definitely choose the latter to enjoy ourselves more.

Reach back hotel to check in around 630pm. Check-in procedure was quick, and that's when I realize i gotten twin bed instead of double ): Requested to change room but they didn't allow, sigh.

Oh, and you get to choose package along your stay. For me I chose cozy package because I wanted the WiFi and TV during the night time & it's a very bad idea. Frankly speaking, you don't need any package at all during your stay.
1. Towel/ Rental - Bring your own since it's not free
2. Air Conditioning - 24 hours credit, but who need air con when you got a big ass fan hovering at the top.
3. WiFi - Lousy reception, get a Malaysia SIM card instead
4. TV - 24 hours credit, BUT it gets charged even when the TV is off. It's totally lame because I only watch a couple of hours TV on the first night and that's it.

Hotel Rating:
Hotel Cleanliness : 
Value for Money: 

Upon entering hotel, it looks bright and clean.
The room is clean but a little small, but can't complaint for the price I am paying. You can't expect to stay in a palace when paying peanuts right. Allocated at the second floor, which I am fine with it although I saw online reviews about noises from the lobby.
The service received was alright, staffs wasn't particularly friendly.
It's definitely value for money for my stay. I know there's Legoland Hotel too, but it's relatively expensive, like 5-6 times the price I paid for ):
 Overall, I think it's quite a good hotel except the location really sucks. Even taxi drivers was wondering why did I stay there when I don't drive. It's far from shopping malls I wanted to go like Aeon & Jusco so my cab to and fro the places are roughly MYR 20-25. It would be good if you've got a car during the stay. Oh they have security guard to look after your car.

And I love their mirror! (:

Legoland post will be draft over over the weekends through another post, as it has tons of photo to be uploaded and edited.

Disclaimer: Hotel Photos credits to Tune Hotel.

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