Friday, 20 December 2013


Biore has revamped their Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet a.k.a makeup remover wipes. I have been a fan of Biore's makeup remover wipes since I learnt to doll up myself.  I am so lazy that I hope my makeup will remove by itself after I get home. And I can't find anything easier than a swipe of the wipe to get my face clean. It's is proven mild for my skin (sensitive) and completely lazy-proof for people like me.

Comparing the Old & New Packaging Design
Left: New & Right:Old
The newer package looks prettier in the exterior design as compared to the old one. The designer must really know how to capture ladies' hearts, as the sides are coated with laces and pink designs ~ 

For the interior, the new packaging has solve the issue which I had faced - difficulty in refilling as it's difficult to open the box from the bottom. I was so glad that we can easily open the lid to use and to refill the wipes.
And also a significant changes made will be the opening of the wipes. It used to be smaller and requires more tug and pull to get the wipes out but it's a breeze now.

Some improvements made to Biore's already awesome makeup remover wipes

  • Speedier Makeup Removal (20% more cleansing oil)
  • Gentler to Skin (50% less wiping required)
  • Moist Skin (Enriched with hydrating beauty essence)
  • Air Tight Tub (Improvised sealing performance)
New Packaging of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet Series
Travel / Handy Pack
Testing the Effectiveness of Biore's  Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet
That's like me with light make up on the left, whereas on the right is having half of my face cleansed in ONE swipe. I'm really sorry about my eyebrow, I had some stitches after a fall and I didn't dare to do threading yet so it's bushy and messy ):
Anyway, I managed to cleanse like 80% of my make up (half face) with just one swipe! The remaining are eyeliners smudge that aren't properly wiped away which proves that the wipe is really effective in removing make up. I didn't even need to wipe it repeatedly, just a couple of time and there you have a clean and bare face. Furthermore, my skin feel 'toing-toing' right after cleansing as thought as I just washed my face and it's yet not too oily that my face cannot accept it. Best of all is, you will only need one wipe to cleanse the whole face, talk about saving money & time using it.

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet are Available in Major Pharmacies & Supermarkets
Retail Pricing:
Regular Box - $17.90
Refill Pack - $15.60
Travel/Handy Pack - $3.90

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