Tuesday, 4 September 2012

1st M♥nthsary

Many people might be thinking that it's only the first month that kind of thing but we already had four years of base friendship so it feels like we've been together for more v long rather than a month. Fate is really good at toying people, it took us four years, turning a big round before we come back to each other again.
Anyway on this special day, I decided to cook for him, the previous round cooking was actually practicing. Even though saying I'm cooking for him, but he helped out with me in the kitchen, in fact he can cook too. However, menu quite similar because I just started to learn how to cook :l I feel so proud about my cereal prawn, though it's my first time cooking but it tasted awesome and I didn't buy those instant mix, I did it from scratch.

1. Corn Soup
2. Steam Egg with Minced Meat
3. Stir-fried Cabbage
4. Steamed Fish
5. Cheese Tofu
6. Cereal Prawn - MY FAVORITE

Lastly, the surprise for him ~
He has been waiting for the chance to indulge in my famous(among some friends and family) Oreo Cheesecake! So decided to bake one for him before he enlist in a week ):

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