Sunday, 2 September 2012


As stated above, I'm actually working for THE NEW PAPER BIG WALK 2012. Job starts at 5.30, had to share cab at 4.30 with Eileen & her boyf under her block. I would have been late had she not morning called me. The job was quite simple, to teach people how to download and use the QR Code to participate in the games event. After the walk started, we got ferried to Marina Barrage to give out prizes to participants and  hand out drinks for each of them. We had so much drinks that we gave them 3 bottles each, and it's not simply plain water, sponsors includes yeo's and red-bull. Imagine at the end when almost 90% has gone and we left more than 3 pallets of red-bull left. We started giving up 1 packet of 6 until at the end we gave out cartons by cartons LOL. as long as they can take it, we give them. & guess what, I hand carried, actually it's more of dragged 1.5 cartons(36cans) from Marina Barrage to my boyf's house at Kovan. Almost died, but I totally love this job! I didn't even have time to look at my watch, but the only sad thing about it was, I've gotten myself sunburn ): UNDER THE DAMN SUN FOR MORE THAN 3 HOURS, AND WAIT I FORGOT TO MENTION, WE'RE AT THE TOP OF MARINA BARRAGE, I WAS SWEATING ALL MY BB CREAM & I FORGOT TO BRING SUNBLOCK x_x /MELTZ But nevertheless it was still fun working with friends! OH & many goodie bags at the end of the day! #happygirl91
The very first two pictures are to be credited to Straits Time 
I was holding the Bingo board but I'm not the one in this picture though, couldn't find myself among so many participants either. But you can see more of me in the next few!

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