Monday, 22 October 2012

Dim Sum L❤VE Buffet

Purchased 2 deals from 2 months ago and we decided to FINALLY use it today!(Lol, literally 5days before expiring, before we redeem this voucher)
It is a deal for an ala carte buffet, Dim Sum Love @ China Square Central(Chinatown)
It seems good since it's $17.90 only and they sold more than 2.5k deals for it.

Out-look of the Restaurant
Restaurant Menu
Mad excited because it has been ages since I ate Dim Sum, boyf was anticipating for it too since he loved Dim Sum, but of course more me than it /flip-hair 
We arrived earlier so we can eat more, but I was quite disappointed because there are many restrictions that wasn't stated on the website before we purchase. & also plain water not complementary, costs $0.50
  • Last order at 4PM(though it was stated that buffet was 3-5)
  • Only after you finished your orders, before you can order another round of food
  • Maximum 3 rounds of ordering
  • Can only maximum order $39.90 worth of food per pax
 All these restriction makes me feel so time-constrained, I kept stuffing the food with boyf so as to make full use of our vouchers. However, the food was considered good, so I'm not going to complain further. However, do note that all the bun seems to be mini-version as compared to those outside.
 We ordered, respectively (didn't have time to try all the food on menu)
  • Carrot-Cake
  • Egg Tart 
  • 烧卖- SiewMai
  • 蝦餃- HarGao
  • 莲蓉包 - Lian-Rong Bao
  • 叉烧包 - Char-Siew Bao
  • 小笼包 - Xiao-Long Bao
  • 流沙包 - Custard Bun
  • Peanut Porridge
  • Chee-Cheong Fun (Prawn(L) Char-Siew(R)
  • Paper Wrapped Chicken
Good: Egg Tart, Custard Bun, Peanut Porridge, Chee-Cheong Fun.
Egg Tart - bite-sized, the egg part is smooth and nice
Custard Bun - even though the sauce doesn't flow like how I hope it would be but it still tasted good
Porridge - Smooth, layered with my favourite chicken(?) floss. totally my favourite kind of porridge!
Chee-Cheong Fun - It would be awesome without the fillings, outer layer is smooth and sauce is just nice
I totally love this few items that I can keep eating more than 3 rounds if there isn't any restrictions.

Bad: 莲蓉包& Paper Wrapped Chicken
莲蓉包 - Boyf said filling tasted very bad, that he tried to stuff it into my coke so as to avoid extra charges.
Paper Wrapped Chicken - Chicken was stuck to the paper and it was quite troublesome to eat it
We managed to eat around $35++ per pax so it wasn't too waste but I think we both stuffed too much food into our stomach that I felt like I'm pregnant whereas he keep saying he want to puke :l
Stuffing my last custard bun while snapping pictures(I have the habit of stuffing food to my cheeks like hamsters) & he tried mimicking me.

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