Saturday, 13 October 2012

[SPONSORED TRIP] Nuffnang Evangelist Genting 2D1N Trip P1

Enough of procrastination & here I'm finally decided to blog about my fully sponsored trip to Genting!

It was my very first trip as a blogger and I seriously thankgod that Mabel is going with me after hearing that I'm going too!
The meeting time was like 6AM at Golden Mile Complex, being a lazy bum, decided to stay-over at boyf house since it's nearer. I didn't have enough sleep previously because of the accident that happened and I guess that's the point; to survive a 7 hours bus ride without me dying is to knock out myself, therefore beside the rest stop & toilet break, most of the time I'm concuss, sleeping like a log. && Cheers that we reached Genting at 1PM! I applause myself (someone who couldn't even tolerate sitting buses for an hour) for surviving such a long journey!!
 The first 15min on bus, followed by the next moment after that. -SNORE-
Scenery on the way up & are you prepared for the coolest summer ever? Oh wait, it's Autumn now
Normally, when reached Genting we will put our baggage in hotel room right? But hell no, this time round the very first thing we going to do is...................... EAT !
 Visited 好友记(Restaurant Good Friends) for lunchieeeeeee <3 I guess I'm going to make everyone drool just by looking at the picture but IDC! -Evil laughter-
1. Ginseng Roots w Chicken
2. Steamed Marble Goby Fish
3. Steamed Free-range Chicken
4. Australia Asparagus w Lily Bulbs -
5. Spare Ribs w Chef's Sauce -
6. Home-made Soya Bean-curd w Crab Egg Sauce
7. Crispy Lo Mei Chi
8. Honeydew Sago
Overall: ✔✔✔
Restaurant food is considerably alright, however the atmosphere is good for family to dine together.
All rating are based on personal preferences, seriously I think I can't cut up to be a food bloggers because I'm very picky in food & there are too many food that I can't eat and don't try ): 
 After food we head back to our hotel room to unpack luggage & it's free and easy time for us.
Firstly, before entering my room I half expecting it to be that kind of small room since it's was sponsored but check out my awesome room!!
THERE IS A BATHTUB (which I never get to used it) & A FRIDGE (sadly, I also never get to used it)!
 First thing I normally do after entering hotel room is, JUMP ONTO MY AWESOME BED AND ROLL A FEW TIMES! Lucky Mabel is my roommate, if not it's going to be awkward :x
After unpacking awhile, like 30minutes, we met up with other bloggers to explore Genting. Like Hello? We didn't traveled 7 hours ride up just to chill in our own room! Firstly we went to get some phone card so I can use internet ): I miss boyf so much even though it's like just few hours apart. Followed by going to explore Ripley's Believe It or Not! I've been to Genting for countless time but it's my first time exploring it! It's more of a museum for photo taking and exploring, it's not any haunted place or whatsoever so no worries and explore it when y'all go Genting! Not going to post pictures because there is just too many artifact, therefore I shall keep the suspension & let you guys experience it yourself.
A picture of me & Mabel on the LUCKIEST CHAIR IN DA WORLD!
Too bad we didn't go Casino, maybe we will win big bucks?
After exploring Ripley's, it's time for DINNER!
It seems like a blink of an eye, and here we are heading for dinner already.
 We went to 名人( Ming Ren Restaurant) Ming Ren's "Lamb Specialty Cuisine"
I'm super duper sad, because I don't eat my own kind (Zodiac: Goat)
I drink goat's milk however I don't eat any lamb related food.
Baked Mackerel served w Japanese BBQ Sauce
Roasted Xin Jiang Lamb Leg -
Spicy Roasted Chicken -
Golden Crispy Fried Prawns dressed with Fruits and cooked w Wasabi
Stir-fried French Beans w Shrimp and Chili -
Stir-fried Scallops with Lily Bulbs, Sweet Corn and Hawaiian Nuts
Stir-fried Sliced Lamb with Potatoes and Curry Sauce -
Xin Jiang flavored Rice steam with Lemon Grass Ginger, Garlic and Shallots -
Special Xin Jiang Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream
Overall: Unable to Rate (More than half of the dishes wasn't tried)
I gave the dessert low rating because it seriously didn't suits my appetite, furthermore I heard that the dessert is made up of lamb minced.
Welcome to the 美女桌: Beauties' Table
Everyone signed off with their name & blog and started taking pictures.
Credits to Jasmine
 & with this, we ended our dinner & continue with free and easy roaming.
 As I said earlier on, we didn't come here to chill in the room, therefore we went out to explore again! Wanted to book KTV room but it's fully booked #sadface
 We ended up in a bowling alley! & it glows in the dark. I seen it from outside many times, and it's my first time inside it!
Left to Right
Amanda, Apple, KaMan, Jasmine, Jowey & Mabel at the back
Credits to Jowey
We did not end our night after bowling even though it's already 1plus. We went to Starbucks before chatting in Jowey & Jasmine's room, and followed by continuing chatting at me & Mabel's room. In between Amanda went back room to sleep already ): We chat until 6 or so, which I think it's quite amazing since we didn't really have enough sleep.
With only 1.5 hours left to morning's breakfast, I can't bathe in the awesome bathtub nor could I snuggle in my bed long enough but Genting's temperature is so much better than having air-con!
&& There goes my first day in Genting!
Hi, if I used your pictures without crediting please let me know, for some I completely forgot where did my source come from. & Thanks Mabel for sharing w me the pictures because I didn't bring camera up there ):

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